Take your time and tangle at your own pace

With my videos you can organize your zentangle time individually. You can purchase video tutorials at Online Retreats, and you can find shorter free videos on YouTube. Have fun tangling!

Papierkacheln mit Zeichnung

Tangle Zenfeathers with black and colored microns on white and brown tiles.
Language: german, partial english subtitles

18 €

Organic Tanglebowl

It's going to be very flowery in this tutorial! We draw organic tangles in a circle and use colored pencils to color them.
Language: german, partial english subtitles

15 €

Papierkachel und Stifte

With these tangles on a square tile you can create a beautiful mosaic.
Language: german, partial english subtitles

15 €

Papierkacheln mit Zeichnung
Floral Tangles

Floral tangle combinations with black and blue microns.
Language: english

12 €

Botanical Tangles - Tutorial

Video Tutorial for 3 Botanical Tangles: Cyclamen, Hamail and Sprigs. You can also use watercolor pencils to embellish your artwork.

I hope you will be inspired - have fun!

Tangle Oasis

I'm happy to show you how to draw this wonderful Tangle "Oasis" from @tomas_padros. Just take a white Zentangle papertile, a black Micron 01, a graphite Pencil (2B) and a Tortillon and start!

Fight November Blues

In this video I combine 3 tangles and have selected tangles that start with F, N and B like Fight November Blues: Frunky, Nalu and Batumber!


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